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Every employee of Milford Asset Management is behind the day to day delivery of the Milford Foundation. Some of us though, have willingly committed significant time on a weekly basis to ensure we deliver on our goals. You can find out about us here.

The Trustees

The Executive

The Trustees

Sarah Norrie

Sarah joined Milford in 2019 having worked in the Advertising industry for over 25 years and has lead a number of businesses during her career. Marketing Strategy is her area of expertise and she has applied these skills for many philanthropic organisations over the years as part of her commitment to giving back. “I am a proud New Zealander and I cherish this beautiful country we are so privileged to live in. It’s not about the have and have nots for me, it’s about working together as New Zealanders to ensure that not only our people but our land is nurtured for future generations. It is an absolute privilege to be working with an organisation such as Milford that is ready to stand-up and work toward making a difference, and being steadfastly committed to doing so.” Sarah is delighted to be able to now apply her skill set to the Milford Foundation in not only the day to day requirements that the Milford Foundation has but also as a Trustee for the Milford Foundation.

Anthony Quirk

Chair of Trustee Board

Anthony is an experienced financial services professional with over thirty years executive experience in the sector, including nine years as Managing Director of Milford Asset Management. He now has a varied portfolio of governance interests with an emphasis on areas that improve communities.

Graeme Thomas

Graeme has spent most of his career in the funds management industry and was one of the founders of Milford Asset Management in 2003. He’s now retired and enjoys hosting garden tours with his wife Jane on their lifestyle block in Pukekohe and spending time with his family. With philanthropy at his heart, Graeme started and still leads today a charity helping 5 year olds starting school from families with financial difficulties.

Chief Executive

Bryce Marsden

Chief Executive

Bryce has been with Milford since 2010 in various leadership roles. He is truly delighted to now step into his next leadership role, steering the helm of the Milford Foundation. Bryce is deeply passionate about the difference the Milford Foundation can and will make over time for Aotearoa and her communities.

The Executive

Richard Pilley

Richard is a wealth management professional with over 20 years’ experience advising wealthy individuals and institutions. This has involved helping charitable institutions with their investment strategy and guiding them through the investment landscape. In addition to advising on their investment requirements, Richard believes more can be done to help charities by professionals like himself and organisations like Milford, and therefore he jumped at the chance to get involved with the Milford Foundation. He firmly believes this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a real difference to New Zealand and New Zealanders. 

Mike Cruickshank

Mike joined Milford in 2014 and is responsible for Milford’s Institutional clients including charitable trusts, community trusts, foundations and Iwi. Through his work with these entities he’s seen some of the hardships in the New Zealand community and the amazing work these entities are so committed to accomplishing. “My eyes are opened further every day through the work with my client base and I jumped at the chance to be part of the Milford Foundation to help contribute towards a better New Zealand.  Milford has had a long history of supporting a number of incredible charitable partners and the Milford Foundation is a formalisation of this great work over many years. As part of the Executive, one of my key roles is to ensure that the funds donated to the Foundation have the greatest impact possible and we will leverage Milford’s financial and analytical expertise in doing so. I’m extremely proud to be part of Milford and the Milford Foundation and look forward to making a real difference to New Zealand and our community.”     

Jessica Travers

Jess has been with Milford since 2014 and is a Lead Financial Adviser. She prides herself on providing quality advice to clients on their investment portfolios and building strong client relationships.

Tim Samuels

Tim has been with Milford for over 4 years and leads the ITC and Digital team, where we are focussed on supporting clients and the businesses IT requirements. Tim is excited to be involved with the Foundation during its initial formation.  “It’s a privilege to be able to work with some wonderful people both internally and externally and the charities they represent. I’m motivated to learn more about the philanthropic space and help implement solutions that are targeted at helping less privileged sections of our community.”

Mark Rosevear

Mark has been with Milford for over 6 years and heads up the Investor Services team. He and his team are focussed on giving great client service to our KiwiSaver and Investment Fund clients and is delighted to be doing the same for our Milford Foundation members.

Mark is thrilled to be involved in helping the Foundation get established – “I already thought Milford was a great company to work for, but the initiative to create the Foundation and leave a lasting legacy for future generations was truly inspiring. It made me stop and consider how fortunate so many of us are and how it was now time to start giving back . There’s a definite excitement that the Foundation will be Milford’s proudest achievement.”

The Milford Foundation operates under a Trust Deed that includes the governance arrangement for the Foundation Trustees. During the Foundation’s establishment period and given the significant initial and ongoing funding support of Milford Asset Management (Milford) the first three Trustees appointed are related to Milford.

Now that the Foundation is operating and under way there is currently a recruitment search underway for an additional 1-2 Trustees, who are independent of Milford, potentially augmented by an independent advisory panel.

The Foundation’s CEO, Bryce Marsden, is funded by Milford and has significant support and contributions from the Milford Executive team (as shown) and the wider Milford staff.

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