Growing grants and koha through investment expertise and charitable partner oversight

The Milford Foundation aims to help strengthen the future of the communities within Aotearoa, New Zealand by leveraging Milford’s financial resources, investment expertise and commercial discipline.
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(NZD Value) May 31, 2024
Graeme Dingle Foundation
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Graeme Dingle Foundation - Career Pathways Pilot
Manukau Urban Maori Authority - Food Bank
The Fono Trust - Food Bank
The Village Community Services Trust
Christmas Giving 2021, 2022, 2023
The Puhinui Regeneration Project
Milford Foundation Scholarship Programme
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(NZD Value) May 31, 2024
to May 31, 2024
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Portfolio performance was lifted by the rebound in both bond and share markets after the declines in April. The lift in shares was dominated by global shares. The Portfolio had a number of winners on this front, and it is encouraging to see some of the larger positions (such as healthcare stocks HCA and Elevance, and UK bank NatWest Group) accumulating solid gains over the past few months. Last month saw the RBNZ surprise investors by suggesting they could hike rates further, even as it is clear the domestic economy is struggling. This caused a squeeze in the NZ dollar, and local bond and share markets to fall. We continue to expect interest rate cuts (and potentially sharp ones) later this year, so have added to NZ bond positions as well as retaining our short exposure in the NZ dollar. In the face of a weaker domestic share market, it was pleasing to see our key NZ shareholding (Contact Energy), rally on positive news about the extension of the Tiwai Point Aluminium Smelter operating contract. The outlook is getting murkier as sticky inflation and the US election create uncertainty about policy, against a backdrop of modestly expensive share markets.
1. Held in a selection of Milford Funds Providing a Balanced Growth strategy since 22 March 2021.

2. Held in the Milford Cash Fund (A mix of cash and cash equivalents) since 11 February 2021.

Investing in the future of Aotearoa New Zealand, creating opportunities for generations to follow

Our purpose it to create a sustainable future for the future generations in this country to prosper. 

Through a combination of investment expertise, our generous donor community, a commitment to efficiency, effectiveness and transparency, and strong partnerships, we can – and will – make a meaningful impact for New Zealand’s future generations.

Strong and meaningful partnerships

We work alongside our charity partners to ensure quantifiable impact. Whilst providing support in the form of financial resources, we will also give of our time and provide ongoing stewardship.

A focus on transparency

We use Milford's tried and trusted investment rigour and due diligence process in choosing appropriate charity partners to support.

Investment expertise

50% of every dollar donated will be granted and 50% of every donated dollar will be grown for future granting. Milford has a proven track record of using its investment expertise and active management approach to materially grow the capital of its clients. The same long term investment approach in managing the Milford Foundation's investments will be applied, maximising return on donations received ensuring the longevity of the Milford Foundation is maintained.

A meaningful impact for Aotearoa's future generations

The outcome from holding ourselves to account and our ongoing engagement with our charity partners will be a successful Foundation that will undoubtedly make a meaningful ongoing social and environmental impact in New Zealand.

Our Granting Pillars


Our rangatahi and mokopuna are the future leaders and guardians of Aotearoa.  We will work with charitable partners who see the value in our youth, harnessing their energy, and providing them with the opportunities to play an integral role in the growth of our country now and in the future.


Every New Zealander has the right to a good education so that the dreams and ambitions they set for themselves can be realised. We support those  working to enhance education and provide knowledge for the youth of Aotearoa, allowing them the freedom of choice for a prosperous future. In a highly targeted fashion, the Foundation will partner with charitable organisations specifically addressing the widening achievement gap currently found in the education system.



The environment plays a vital role on life in Aotearoa. That’s why we are committed to working with like-minded charitable partners who work hard to safeguard our natural environment, particularly as it pertains to how we manage, minimise and mitigate the impacts of waste in our broader environment. 

The environment plays such a vital role in Aotearoa’s long-term prosperity and success.  

One-off Grants

From time to time, and often in times of crisis, we understand that financial help can be hard to find.  The Milford Foundation will ensure that funding is available in times like these to provide support as and where the greatest impact can be made.


Our Team

The Milford Foundation is managed by a dedicated team of Milford Asset Management professionals with a proven professional track record. It is these same people working to make a meaningful impact in Aotearoa.

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