Mike Cruickshank

Mike joined Milford in 2014 and is responsible for Milford’s Institutional clients including charitable trusts, community trusts, foundations and Iwi. Through his work with these entities he’s seen some of the hardships in the New Zealand community and the amazing work these entities are so committed to accomplishing. “My eyes are opened further every day through the work with my client base and I jumped at the chance to be part of the Milford Foundation to help contribute towards a better New Zealand.  Milford has had a long history of supporting a number of incredible charitable partners and the Milford Foundation is a formalisation of this great work over many years. As part of the Executive, one of my key roles is to ensure that the funds donated to the Foundation have the greatest impact possible and we will leverage Milford’s financial and analytical expertise in doing so. I’m extremely proud to be part of Milford and the Milford Foundation and look forward to making a real difference to New Zealand and our community.”