Further Emergency Food Bank Granting Released

The Milford Foundation Emergency Granting Fund has been utilised once again. Just one month following the decision to grant $40,000 each to three Auckland Food Banks, last week the Trustee Board granted a further $40,000 each to the same Auckland Foodbank charities.

The release of immense pressure by the leaders of each of these charities could almost be felt down the phone line, when Bryce Marsden, the Chief Executive of the Foundation made the calls. 

Sir Michael Jones, Chair of The Village Community Services Trust talked of continually being under the pump and the ongoing juggling required to ensure that the continued and increased need could be met. Wyn, the Director of Manukau Urban Maori Authority (MUMA) said that approximately 2,000 food parcels were required every week and that they were struggling to fund them. He went on to say, “the timing for the grant was basically perfect. They would now be able to improve the quality of the boxes content (e.g. fresh vegetables) and/or increase the number of boxes”. The Fono’s Feleoko Food-Hub shared similar sentiments. 

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